Automated Chemistry Analyzer for food & beverage

iCubio i-Magic M9 performs, in complete automation, all the analytic steps requested for  the manual methods

Descrizione prodotto

iCubio iMagic M9

The iCubio iMagic M9 is an analyser designed to run in full automation mostly of the Food Enzymatic assay available from reagents suppliers.

The enzymatic food analysis allow the rapid test of raw materials, finished and semifinished products. These methods warrant the identification and quantification of various compounds presents in foods and beverages like: sugar, organic acids, alcohols, sulphites and others metabolites.

i-Magic M9 performs in complete automation all the analytic steps requested for  the manual methods. A tipical analytical sequence is : samples and reagents pipetting & dispensing into the cuvette > incubation at controlled temperature > absorbance reading at the specific wavelength > calculation of the result in concentration units by a calibration curve.

Th use of i-Magic M9 compared with the manual method allows:

  • The reduction of the reagents volume of more than 10 times with the correspondent cost cutting
  • Avoid pipetting errors and wrong calculations
  • Warrant the assay quality by the standardisation of the different methods



  • Small:less than 1/10 square meter (50cm*44cm*47cm), the smallest in the world; Net Weight is only 37KG;
  • Fast:Constant speed 60~80 T/H, the fastest speed among the similar size equipments; the fastest service response;
  • More:72 reagent/sample positions can be defined flexibly; 48 reusable/disposable cuvettes;
  • Economy:Minimum sample volume is 3ul; minimum reaction volume is 180ul; Lower test costs;
  • Professional: Accurate result; Stable performance; Durable material;


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