Our company offers a new service of primary utility in light of the current updates requested by the legislation on electrical safety of medical and laboratory equipments.

Our technical engineers are trained to use new measurement instruments and are able to provide the proper certifications to our customers, as requested by the regulation in force. At the end of each electrical safety check activity is issued a certification with technical specifications and the periodic safety checks carried out are noted on the log book.

In accordance with the requirements contained in IEC 62-5 standards , and by referring to the text of the law on safety at work, according to the italian law “D.Lgs. 81/2008″ , it’s necessary to verify the compatibility of electrical equipments during: installation, maintenance , inspection, service and repair . The verification can be carried out on equipments or systems in Class I , II or internally powered .

The sequence of the electrical measurements is optimized to minimize the number of switching on and off of the device under test and it is possible to insert the on / off pauses for the most sensitive equipment .  For each test stored on the measurement instrument it is possible to analyze the results of the ” initial assessment ” and the last test , comparing any changes as required by IEC EN 62353.

The test instrument is calibrated and certified annually as required by the standard . In order to ensure over time the maintenance of safety conditions of the electrical equipment , electrical safety checks must be carried out with the periodicity defined in IEC EN 62353 : 2010-10 .  Unless otherwise specified by the producer of the instrument , the frequency of inspections is recommended every 6 , 12 or 24 months.